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Stem cell therapy has pronounced positive effect in treatment of arterial hypertension (elevated blood pressure). In particular,

at Cell Therapy Center EmCell patients with primary arterial hypertension grade II with frequent arterial crises receive transplantation of stem cells of ectodermal and mesenchymal origin.

Prior to transplantation, continuous hypotensive therapy regimen is selected; that allowed for preventing hypertensive crises, and diastolic pressure stabilizes at the level no higher than 90 mm Hg.

In 3–5 months after transplantation of stem cells, all patients demonstrate stable decline in blood pressure and reduction of hypotensive therapy by approximately 50%. Over time, 85% of patients lose the need for hypotensive therapy.

All patients note positive effect of treatment that is about disappearance of headache, stabiliziation and normalization of blood pressure and sleep, improved mental ability and sexual potency (both in men and women), return of vivacity – signs of rejuvenation.