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The  stem cell treatment for different types of developmental delays.

Developmental delay is the failure of a child to meet certain developmental milestones, such as sitting, walking and talking, at the average age.

Developmental delays may indicate a problem in the development of the central nervous system. The child’s mental development is delayed, leading to poor motor and communication skills. Such children catch up to standard development milestones later than normal children.

Our clinic opened 20 years ago and has treated a large number of children from all over the world. Improvements were reported in most cases.

For optimal effect, it is important to start stem cell treatment with your child as early as possible, while the brain is still developing.

Combined treatment involving routine therapy and stem cells results in a number of improvements:

• cognitive improvements;

• easier contact with the child, starting with eye contact;

• improved verbal skills. If the child was non-verbal, it is very likely to start making sounds, produce syllables and eventually pronounce words; verbal children are likely to expand their vocabulary;

• better learning capacity;

• improved information processing, such as memory, including memorization and storage, information processing and recall;

• greater self-confidence. Child feels more protected, less vulnerable, and exposure to the environment does not cause negative emotions;

• improved social adaptation;

• better self-care skills;

• boosted immunity.

The advantages of our method are:

• lack of side effects;

• no chemicals involved;

• minimally invasive procedure (IV infusions and injections);

• very short procedure ;

• no rejection risk;

• no cancer risk;

• lifetime follow-up.