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stem cell therapy in the combined treatment for children with Down Syndrome is one of the alternative approaches in the management of this condition.

Additional chromosome causes cell structure defect, resulting in malfunction of many organs and tissues, first of all the child’s brain.  If stem therapy is started at around the age of 12 months, when the child’s body is still actively growing and developing, it can stimulate the brain, thus improve intellect and cognitive skills.  

Administration of stem cells boosts the immune system, which means lesser frequency of infections, including ear infections.  It also improves quality of nervous tissues responsible for sound perception. 

Cell-mediated and humoral immunity boosting resulting from stem cell therapy stimulates compensatory capacity of all organs and system, in particular, digestive tract enzyme system. Optimal effect is possible if treatment is started in the due time, before completion of the child’s brain development.

Our treatment results in better:

• Social adaptation and skills

• Memory

• Self-service capacity

• Interaction with family members and other people

After fetal stem cell therapy, children are adjusted to independent life in the future to the extent permissible by the type and severity of Down Syndrome in each particular case.