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stem cell therapy in the combined treatment for children with Down Syndrome is one of the alternative approaches in the management of this condition.

Additional chromosome causes cell structure defect, resulting in malfunction of many organs and tissues, first of all the child’s brain.  If stem therapy is started at around the age of 12 months, when the child’s body is still actively growing and developing, it can stimulate the brain, thus improve intellect and cognitive skills.  

Administration of stem cells boosts the immune system, which means lesser frequency of infections, including ear infections.  It also improves quality of nervous tissues responsible for sound perception. 

Cell-mediated and humoral immunity boosting resulting from stem cell therapy stimulates compensatory capacity of all organs and system, in particular, digestive tract enzyme system. Optimal effect is possible if treatment is started in the due time, before completion of the child’s brain development.

Our treatment results in better:

• Social adaptation and skills

• Memory

• Self-service capacity

• Interaction with family members and other people

After fetal stem cell therapy, children are adjusted to independent life in the future to the extent permissible by the type and severity of Down Syndrome in each particular case.   

Preventive medicine is one of the most important concepts in modern medicine because we all know that “it is easier to prevent a disease than treat it.” Aging—the gradual decay of cells—in combination with other factors, such as genetics, lifestyle, exposure to toxic and harmful materials, environmental pollution, and so on—can lead to diseases such as diabetes mellitus, Parkinson’s and Alzheimer’s, cardiovascular diseases and even cancer, because most of these conditions are caused by cell deficiencies.

Effective preventive medicine helps protect, promote and sustain health and well-being, and prevent disease, disability and untimely death.

With 21 years of experience in the field, Cell Therapy Center EmCell offers you a unique chance to combine prevention and anti-aging treatment that can lead to:

• boosted immunity, which is the most direct way to prevent many age-related and other diseases;

• better blood circulation, which means better supplies of oxygen and nutrients going to the body’s organs and systems;

• better metabolism, which helps inhibit or delay the onset of diabetes  and other diseases;

• minor cell and organ damage repair, which helps prevent serious diseases and complications;

• anti-cancer immunity;

• hormone level management, which helps prevent diseases caused by hormonal imbalance;

• blood pressure management, which helps prevent strokes;

• sleep formula improvement, which helps prevent depression, chronic fatigue and other conditions related to the lack of sleep;

• improved potency and libido, which helps maintain an active and bright sexual life, one of the keys to longevity;

• greater physical power, energy levels and capacity to work, which reflects the old adage about “a healthy mind in a healthy body;”

• quicker psychomotor reactions, memory and thinking;

• improved skin quality and rejuvenation, so-called “natural lifting.”

The advantages of our method are:

• lack of side effects

• no chemicals involved

• minimally invasive procedure (IV infusions and injections)

• very short procedure (2 days)

• no rejection risk

• no cancer risk

• lifetime follow-up

Fetal stem cell therapy is an effective and proven method to prevent diseases and associated disabilities, and to protect and maintain a high quality of health and well-being.